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Well Tuesday turned into a rather interesting day for the league office.  To start off the snow storm impeded the original plan to visit local eating establishments and businesses to discuss hosting the league on Saturday afternoons.  When given lemons make lemonade they say so I did take the time to scan the sheets of cards for when one eventually comes up missing, torn, etc.  I think it will work out ok.

Anyways so as I was preparing to then finalize people’s rosters and head to Staples to print up the protected lists and draft guides for distribution my phone rang.  It was Boston.

Boston held the rights to Carlos Lee who was mistakenly added to the Philadelphia list.  The player was removed from Philadelphia’s list and Philadelphia was able to keep an additional player from their roster.  No problem you’d think right?

Philadelphia’s final cut was Juan Pierre.   So they decided to protect him.

A few days earlier, thinking that the rights to Pierre were dropped, the rules committee selected him as part of the expansion roster for Oakland.  So now we needed to remove Juan Pierre from Oakland and replace his roster spot.

After an extensive search Oakland was granted the rights to newly free agent outfielder Johnny Damon.

Written by Dom

February 17, 2010 at 2:16 am

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