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Mock Draft #3

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What if San Francisco selected Hanley Ramirez?

1st Pick: San Francisco Giants – Hanley Ramirez- San Francisco does need a shortstop and Ramirez definately stands out amongst the rest.  But do you really pass up on Pujols?

2nd Pick: Florida Marlins – Albert Pujols– The best player in the draft.  Nick Swisher is now a DH.

3rd Pick: Minnesota Twins –  Joe Nathan– Strengthens up the bullpen.  Can draft an offensive player next round. 

4th Pick: New York Yankees – Mark Teixeira NY has always been offense 1st.

5th Pick: Philadelphia Phillies – Chone Figgins- upgrade of Inge at 3rd base, murders RH, solid defensively and boy does he have speed.

6th Pick – New York Yankees – Raphael Soriano– A solid reliever for a strong bullpen

7th Pick – Oakland A’s – Bobby Abreu– on base % plus outfield strength is a good selection for the expansion team.

8th Pick – St Louis – Cliff Lee He’s the best Jam starter out there (I’d consider Ted Lilly the best Starter)

9th Pick – New York Mets – Chone Figgins– best 3B available & Clutch Hitter.

10th Pick – Tampa Bay – Miguel Tejada– Clutch/A-1B @ SS in a weak SS draft.

11th Pick – San Diego – Todd Helton– with only a 1st & 2nd in the draft needs to fill a hole.  A Helton selection gives the opportunity to play Youkilis at 3rd.


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February 18, 2010 at 6:53 pm

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