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Mock Draft #4

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The more and more you study a teams needs you get a clearer picture of what may just happen.  Perhaps this 4th Mock Draft could be the most accurate of things to come?

1st Pick: San Francisco Giants – Hanley Ramirez- San Francisco does need a shortstop and Ramirez definitely stands out amongst the rest.  But do you really pass up on Pujols? I say yes.

2nd Pick: Florida Marlins – Albert Pujols– Lynn is definitely disappointed in Schindler’s pick.  What to do?  I guess she’ll have to settle for some schlub named Pujols, the best player in the draft.

3rd Pick: Minnesota Twins -Joe Nathan–there’s depth at every other position in the draft.  Nathan is the best overall player available.

4th Pick: New York Yankees –Mark TeixeiraSherwood believe’s Teixeira won’t be available in the #6 spot and selects him.  A good pick, but too early.  Not the best 1st baseman in the draft.

5th Pick: Philadelphia Phillies – Ichiro Suzuki- Needs an outfielder. Toss up between Ichiro & Crawford.  Ichiro gets the nod, he just fits better in the lineup.

6th Pick – New York Yankees –Carl CrawfordSherwood worries and is caught off guard again expecting a run on outfielders.  Selects Crawford thinking he won’t be around in the 2nd round.  He is right!

7th Pick – Oakland A’s –Chipper Jones– Team doesn’t have a 3b and Jones is better offensively.  Gets the nod over Chine Figgins because he hits well vs. both sides.

8th Pick – St Louis – Scott Baker– Alvin needs starting pitching.  All things considered, Baker is the best RH starter available

9th Pick – New York Mets – Francisco Rodriguez– Needs a closer.  Must be a jam.  Insert K-Rod.  Not a bad pick, but there’s better short relievers who aren’t Jam rated.

10th Pick – Tampa Bay – Orlando Hudson– has a need at second base.  Hudson is solid defensively B+/85 and hits well considering the position. 

11th Pick – San Diego – Chone Figgins– Team needs a 3rd baseman and Figgins is the best at the position.


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February 18, 2010 at 11:08 pm

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