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Player News: Miguel Tejada

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M. Tejada 2008

Tejada 2008


Miguel Tejada was owned by the Toronto Blue Jays.  The manager of the Toronto Blue Jays released him to waivers.  Per league rule, as confirmed by former Commissioner Mike Kennedy, any player dropped by a team is released from his contract and becomes a 3 year player if acquired by another team.  Tejada was acquired by the Kansas City Royals last season by the interim manager Peter Ingemi through waivers.  His contract was ruled to be that of an ’08 player.

The card of Tejada, as shown in the picture above, was never changed to reflect the new contract.  So the new owner of Miguel Tejada thought that his contract was expired and could not place Tejada on his keeper list.

The current Vice Commissioners, Willard & Lynn, discussed the situation and agreed with each other to allow the team that holds the rights to Miguel Tejada the opportunity to add him to that teams Keeper List.

Unbeknownst to the Commissioner, his team the Minnesota Twins owned the rights to Miguel Tejada.  After learning of the Vice Commissioners decisions, the commissioner consulted the former League Commissioner to verify the circumstances of last season.

Miguel Tejada has been placed on the Minnesota Twins keeper list and is signed to an ’08 contract and no longer available in the draft.

Jam relief pitcher Francisco Cordero, who was the final keeper of the Twins, was released and is available in the draft.


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