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A league member’s idea for the AllStar game

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By now you have seen all those commericals for Windows 7 on tv.  Well the league is ready to listen to you to find a format for the SABLE AllStar game.  A league member has suggested this format for the All Star game this year and upcoming years as we continue to have 3 divisions.

The league member proposes the following:

We have 11 teams in SABLE; 6 of the teams are National League teams (Marlins, Mets, Giants, Phillies, Cardinals, Padres, & Giants) and 5 of them are American League teams (Red Sox, Twins, A’s, Yankees, & Rays).

So why don’t we play a true AllStar Game American League vs. National League?  Also in order to keep the spirit of the AllStar Game how about if we give the winning league of our AllStar Game home field advantage in the SABLE World Series.  If both World Series Teams are from the same league, then home field advantage would be determined by highest playoff seed.

So thats the suggestion.  I as the commissioner like it.  I think it is quite clever.  At first I didn’t like the idea for home field advantage to the winner, but thinking more about it I seem to think it would be fun to do.

I have put up a poll and ask the league members to vote if they would like to have this format for the AllStar Game.


Written by Dom

February 24, 2010 at 1:59 am

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  1. seven votes for the format of the all star game. Looks like we may just be doing an american league vs. national league. We may have to create a rule about relcoating in order to keep our league teams at a similar number.


    February 25, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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