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Mock Draft – #4

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Here is the thoughts on a Mock Draft scenario by a Vice Commissioner.

1st Pick – San Francisco. HANLEY RAMIREZ – With a need for defensive upgrades at both the 1st base and Shortstop positions, the most pressing is at Short. It is easier to get away with less defense on the line than up the middle. Under this scenario, Jason Bartlett can either DH, come off the bench or be used in a trade for an upgrade in the outfield.

2nd Pick – San Diego Padres. ALBERT PUJOLS – Already having a full compliment of Outfielders and Starting pitchers, the World Series Champions have a real need for an infield. Can’t go wrong with one of the best players in the game today to anchor not only the lineup but defense as well.

3rd Pick – Minnesota Twins. ICHIRO SUZUKI – Despite having a full compliment of outfielders, Minnesota decides to take the best defensive outfielder with an overall bat. This gives him flexibility in the outfield to not need Adam Lind’s D range out there as a backup and allows him to choose a possible DH in Torii Hunter.

4th Pick – NY Yankees. JOE NATHAN – Picking the best available player and knowing that he wont be passed up any longer, Sherwood runs with his strength this year and shores up his already dominating on paper bullpen. Nathan gives the Yankees a 1-2 punch of Nathan and Rivera to close out games.

5th Pick – Philladelphia Phillies. RICK PORCELLO – Welcome back Paul! Taking over for Toronto’s outgoing manager and moving to Phiily, the biggest need thanks to last year’s choice in player acquisitions to throw games is Starting Pitching. Porcello, although a rookie, is the best available right handed starter out there this year.

6th Pick – NY Yankees. MARK TEIXIERA – With a log-jam of talent, Sherwood goes for his favorite player. Not the best possible pick for him here with this pick but Sherwood makes it nonetheless.

7th Pick – Oakland Athletics. BOBBY ABREU – Welcome to the league Joe! Our new expansion team is the most difficult to figure out. However, seeing as Oakland pumps out pitchers like the Hoover Dam does energy, the Athletics go for the best available bat in the draft to anchor the lineup. Abreu is the right combination of power and speed to be an addittion to any roster.

8th Pick – St Louis Cardinals. CARL CRAWFORD – Needing a little bit of everything, the Cardinals go for the best player available to fill one of his missing outfield positions. Crawford’s defense and speed are superb and St. Louis can afford to hide the poorer bat vs lefties in his lineup.

9th Pick – NY Mets. CHONE FIGGINS – Holding on to the least amount of players, the Mets need to fill their roster as best they can. With a solid starting core, the Mets have a huge need for a great everyday player. Figgins not only meets but exceeds that role. An A at 3rd, speed to second and 252 numbers vs righties give the Mets one of the scariest lineups against the right side this year.

10th Pick – Tampa Bay Rays. RAFAEL SORIANO – Knowing the value of a dominant closer, Tampa Bay picks up a gem in Soriano. This pick will compliment his already great rotation and ensure that late in the game Tampa can lock down an opponent.

11th Pick – Florida Marlins. TODD HELTON – With only 3 picks to make in this year’s draft, Florida needs to make them all count. Thanks to Florida’s acquisition of Kevin Youkillis (allowing both positional flexibility at the corners and a great bat) their manager has the option to grab the best she can to fill the need at the corners. Helton at first is a great bat and allows for Youk to move over to 3rd base. Chipper Jones was a close second in this scenario but with a lower number batting card and less defense, it makes sense for the Marlins to draft this way as it allows Nick Johnson to DH instead of field. With improved defense and many great bats, Florida is making a serious case to be the frontrunner to win the 2009 season World Series.


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March 1, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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  1. Not true the best SP out there is Beckett.


    March 1, 2010 at 8:03 pm

  2. It is true that in my opinion Porcello is not the best starting pitcher in the draft. He may be the best Right Handed Jam rated starting pitcher out there, but I would have to give the nod to Scott Baker (81/79) as the best overall Starting pitcher in the draft.

    The argument could be made for Beckett (115/66), Cliff Lee (94/129), Cole Hamels (90/112), Ted Lily (52/74), and Ricky Nolasco (93/86), & James Shields (97/110).

    Needless to say starting pitching is plentiful in the first few rounds.


    March 1, 2010 at 11:28 pm

  3. I chose Porcell over someof the Lefties because I know what can happen to Lefties in this league and figured people would pass them up at first.

    Brian Willard

    March 2, 2010 at 10:43 am

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