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Mock Draft #6

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There have been many trades that affected the 1st round of the draft so lets go ahead and do another Mock Draft.

1st Pick – San Francisco & 2nd Pick – San Diego

The first two picks are going to be Albert Pujols & Hanley Ramirez.  No sense on trying to figure out who picks who.

3rd Pick – Minnesota Twins. ICHIRO SUZUKI – The trade of Jason Bay to Boston more or less guaranteed this pick for Minnesota.  Ichiro provides Minnesota with solid A range defense in the outfield, tons of speed on turf, and all those hits on the card may also be a lead off hitter?

4th Pick – NY Yankees. CARL CRAWFORD– The Yankees have been were hoping to get Ichiro with the #4 pick, but the recent injury to Joe Nathan changed Minnesota’s plans.  Crawford provides the Yankees with A+ range and a -1 in left field and tons of speed. 

5th Pick – Minnesota Twins. CHONE FIGGINS– Minnesota traded for David Wright for Mike Wuertz once a mistake was found on a Minnesota relievers card, then Nathan tore his elbow.  Looks like Chone Figgins speed and defense is what Minnesota is going after now.

6th Pick – NY Yankees. MARK TEIXIERA – Switch hitting bat with power in Yankee Stadium’s +15 sounds like a good combination.  B+ range at first is an improvement over Cabrera & Ramirez, but does this create a log jam of talent at first?

7th Pick – Oakland Athletics. SCOTT ROLEN/CHIPPER JONES- Oakland has stated he needs a 3rd baseman.  Unfortunately the injury to Nathan cause Chone Figgins to be selected earlier but Rolen or Jones provide a solid player at the corner position.

8th Pick – St Louis Cardinals. BOBBY ABREU– St Louis needs pitching, but with no pitchers taken in the draft yet he can wait until the 2nd round.  Bobby Abreu has a -2 arm and is over 200 vs RH and a clutch hitter.

9th Pick – NY Mets. –CHIPPER JONES/SCOTT ROLEN –  The Mets need a 3rd baseman.  He takes whichever is remaining,

10th Pick – San Diego – PLACIDO POLANCO – Team needs a 2nd baseman in a weak 2nd baseman draft. 

11th Pick – Florida Marlins. TODD HELTON – With only 3 picks to make in this year’s draft, Florida needs to make them all count. Thanks to Florida’s acquisition of Kevin Youkillis (allowing both positional flexibility at the corners and a great bat) their manager has the option to grab the best she can to fill the need at the corners.  Since all the 3rd baseman have been selected, Helton at first is a great bat and allows for Youk to move over to 3rd base.

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March 11, 2010 at 9:48 am

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