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The SABLE Baseball League (SABLE) is a face to-face tabletop baseball

league. SABLE is a continuous ownership keeper league using the Dynasty League Baseball card sets published by Design Depot each year.


SABLE is governed by this Rulebook.

Amendments to the Rulebook

Members may submit proposals for changes to any league document to the

League Commissioner. The Commissioner then distributes the proposed

changes to the members for a vote.  Amendment votes may only be

called at a time designated during the SABLE winter meetings, league draft and during the All-Star break. Owners may vote for or against a proposal, or they may abstain. Any changes to league documents must be approved by a majority vote of the non-abstaining franchises.

Commissioner’s Edit

The Commissioner shall edit the SABLE Rulebook for spelling, grammar, amendments and overall consistency.

League Membership

SABLE allows for Owners/General Managers


There are currently 11 franchises in SABLE. Each franchise is allowed one vote on any item brought to a vote of the membership.

Franchise Dues

Each team will be responsible for paying league membership franchise dues yearly.  The $35 fee (US) is to be paid to the league treasurer. The bulk of this fee will be used for the purchasing the game, materials, and making copies; and any excess amount will be kept for future use as needed.

The World Series Winner is exempt from league dues and the World Series loser pays 50% league dues.

The league dues will be due at the draft.

Leaving the League

Leaving in Good Standing

Owners may leave the league in good standing provided that they provide

adequate time for the league to find a new member to take ownership of

their team.

Removal of a member

A member shall be removed by resignation, for violations of the

League rules, or, in extraordinary situations, by the league


League Officers & Positions

The SABLE league will have the following officer positions: Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner(s), and Treasurer. 

The league shall also have the following non-officer positions:

Rules & Trade Committee, Recruiter, and Caretaker


The SABLE Commissioner shall serve a life term.

Current Commissioner:   Dom

The duties of the Commissioner include:

Ÿ  Ordering the game

Ÿ  Preparing the cards

Ÿ  Overseeing the annual SABLE draft

Ÿ  Producing and distributing the weekly SABLE newsletter

Ÿ  Keeping track of current SABLE rosters

Ÿ  Maintaining the waiver list and distributing the list to the league

Ÿ  Reporting any illegal usage or appearances to the owners of the teams involved in the illegal event

Ÿ  Distributing proposed rulebook changes to the league members

and overseeing voting

Ÿ  Maintaining the SABLE membership and officers lists

Ÿ  Taking steps which are in the best interest of the league

Ÿ  Making the League Schedule


The Vice-Commissioner is elected by league vote and serves a one-year term of office.

Vice-Commissioner:      Lynn & Willard

Duties of the Vice-Commissioner include:

Ÿ  Overseeing the Trade & Rules Committees

Ÿ  Assuming the role as Commissioner when the commissioner is unavailable

1.4.3   Treasurer

The Treasurer is appointed by the Commissioner and serves a lifetime position.

Treasurer:      Pete

Duties of the Treasurer include:

Ÿ  Overseeing the SABLE league bank account

Ÿ  Collecting League Dues

Ÿ  Reimbursing the League for approved costs

Ÿ  Acting as caretaker when asked by the Commissioner

Rules/Trade Committee

The Rules/Trade committee consists of all league officers & two league member volunteers selected by the league commissioner. The alternate committee members serve a one-year term.

Rules Committee:

Trade Committee: Sherwood

Duties of the Rules Committee include:

Ÿ  Examining league rules and procedures and offering amendments

Ÿ  Providing game day interpretations of league rules

Ÿ  Answering questions regarding interpretations of charts

Duties of the Trade Committee include:

Ÿ  Making decisions regarding league trades


The Recruiter is appointed by the SABLE Commissioner and serves until

removed from said position by the SABLE Commissioner or resignation.

Duties of the Recruiter include:

Ÿ  Creating & promoting SABLE on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, & Craigslist

Ÿ  Creating and updating postings in a public forum about joining SABLE

Ÿ  Serving as a focal point for new members to ask questions about SABLE and the Dynasty Baseball Game


When a team is without an owner, the Commissioner shall be empowered to appoint an individual as that team’s caretaker. The caretaker is empowered to make transactions for the benefit of the team. When an owner is found for the team, the caretaker shall be discharged.

League Organization

SABLE consists 11 teams separated into three divisions; two 4-team divisions & 1 3-team division.

Location, Stadiums, and Team names

Each team plays their home games in the stadium based on the actual corresponding Major League team. Teams may not change cities, stadiums, or team names during the season. A team that has its Major League stadium replaced by the Major League team automatically inherits the new stadium.


Teams may request to relocate following completion of the World Series.  Relocation requests must be submitted to the League Commissioner in writing following the completion of the World Series and no later than one month prior to the Draft.

Teams may only relocate to teams and stadiums that are currently not occupied by another SABLE owner.


Realignment occurs each season.  Teams are realigned as follows:

  1. The 4 playoff teams from the previous year (CHAMPIONS)
  2. The 3 teams with the higher dice roll (TRIPLE CROWN)
  3. The 4 teams with the lowest dice roll (FOUR SEAM)




SABLE season will include Regular Season, All-Star Game, and Post Season

Regular Season Schedule

SABLE will play a 60-game schedule.  Each team will play 6 games (3 home, 3 away) against each opponent.

Following every 3rd week of the season will be a scheduled off week.

Opening Day

Opening day will be determined by the schedule.

Dan Flynn Memorial All Star Game & Home Run Derby

The SABLE Dan Flynn Memorial All-Star Game shall be played during week 14 in the middle of the season. Owners will be allowed to vote for the All-Star starters for each League (American & National).  The All-Star Game will be played at the park of the actual MLB ALLSTAR game.

The All-Star break consists of three off days for purposes of resolving

pitcher’s rest and injury requirements.  Injuries or suspensions in the All-Star game do not carry over into the regular season.

Post Season Playoffs

The SABLE Playoffs will consist of 4 teams.  The three division winners and the 1 remaining teams with the best record will qualify for the playoffs as follows:

Ÿ  The Division Winner with the league best record is the #1 seed

Ÿ  The Division Winner with the second best record is the #2 seed

Ÿ  The Division Winner with the third best record is the #3 seed

Ÿ  The remaining non-division winning team with the best record is the Wild Card #4 seed

Standings and Tiebreakers

Standings will be based on winning percentages with ties decided by

tiebreakers or a one-game playoff. 

SABLE will use a one game playoff when a playoff spot is at stake between the teams that are tied.

Tiebreakers will be used when all the teams that are tied are guaranteed a playoff spot.

Tiebreakers are used to determine home field advantage or to sort teams

into division winner and wild card(s).  The tiebreaker for division

winner is determined prior to resolving any other tiebreakers.

Tiebreakers are based on winning percentage.

The tiebreaker order is:

  1. head-to-head record
  2. division record


In case of complicated tie-breaking situations not covered by the

Rulebook, the Commissioner is empowered to craft an equitable

tie-breaking system which would allow all teams an opportunity to make

the playoffs.

One-game Playoff Format

For a one-game playoff a roll off will determine choice of home field advantage.

The one-game playoff will be played on the first off-day before the start of the SABLE Division Series. This one-game playoff will count

as a regular season game using full regular season rosters.

If three or more teams are tied for both a division title and a wild

card spot, the division is first decided by one game playoff, followed

by an additional one game playoff for the wild card berth.  A loss in a

division deciding playoff game does not break a tie for the wild card


Division Series

The #1 seed will face the #4 seed in the Division Series of the SABLE playoffs. The two remaining teams (#2,#3) will play in the other Division Series. The host teams for the Division Series are the two Division Champions.

The Division Series games will be a 5-game series, with games 1, 2,& 5 played at the site of the higher seed, and games 3 & 4 played at the site of the lower seed.

The winners of each series will advance to the SABLE World Series.

SABLE World Series

The two winners of the Division Playoffs will meet in the

best-of-seven games SABLE World Series. Games one, two, six, and

seven of the SABLE World Series will be played at the site of

the Highest Remaining Seed.

Post Season Schedule

There will be 2 days off between the end of the regular season and the

first day of the playoff schedule.

The post season schedule will be provided as soon as all post season teams and seedings are determined.  It is the responsibility of the Commissioner to create the post season schedule.

Post Season Postponements

Post-season games which are prematurely ended due to adverse conditions are suspended. The suspended game shall be resumed at the mark of suspension on the next day. If a game is scheduled on that day it is pushed back a day.


Active Roster

Each team is limited to an active roster of 25 players from week 1

though week 20. The active roster limit is expanded to up to a 40 man active roster after the final scheduled off day for the league through the end of the season.

Roster Submission

A team is required to submit an official roster to the league commissioner at the following designated times

Ÿ  Opening Day

Ÿ  Trading Deadline

Ÿ  Playoff 25 Man Roster (playoff teams only)

Minimum Active Roster Required

Ÿ  One starting player for each position

Ÿ  A second available catcher

Ÿ  At least five eligible starting pitchers

Ÿ  No less than ten pitchers in total

Legal Positions

Players may only play in designated positions listed on the player’s card with the following exceptions and adjustments:

Ÿ  CF may play LF or RF with no change to Range Rating

Ÿ  Corner Outfielders may play in the opposite outfield position with error rating reduced by 30 (min. Error 5)

Ÿ  LF/RF only may not play in CF

Playing out of position

A player may only play a position not shown on his card in a desperation move. A desperation move shall only include, when due to injury, ejection, or pinch-hitting or pinch-running, or if no other player is available who is eligible to play the position in question. A player forced to play at a position not listed on his card, due to injury in the current series, shall be considered to have that position listed on his card with the appropriate out of position rating listed in section

Out of Position Ratings

Players playing out of position will use the worst possible range, error, and throwing ratings of the position

Ÿ  Catcher      F/5/+4/F/F

Ÿ  First Base   F/5

Ÿ  Second Base  F/5/+5

Ÿ  Shortstop    F/5/+5

Ÿ  Third Base   F/5/+5

Ÿ  Outfield     F/5/+4

Designated Hitter

SABLE uses the Designated Hitter rule.  Any position player may DH. 

Ÿ  SABLE adopts all of the MLB rules regarding the DH

Ÿ  A team shall lose the DH position if the DH takes the field

Ÿ  Pitchers who can pinch hit may not be used as starting DH


SABLE no longer considers any player with limitations listed on the Dynasty card as fringe and unavailable.

Post-Season Rosters

Playoff Roster

Each qualifying playoff team owner must submit a playoff roster to the League Office following the end of the regular season before any playoff games are played.

Playoff Roster Injury Replacements

To be determined

Playoff Starting Positions

During the post-season, position players may only start at positions in which they were eligible during the regular SABLE season, unless an injury or suspension causes the team to have no players who are eligible to start.

Playing out of Position

During the post season, position players playing out of position will use the worst ratings for the position.

Pitcher’s Rest and Fatigue

Rest Requirements

A pitcher must use the appropriate rest chart based on the pitcher’s

previous role according to the Dynasty rest chart.

Availability to Start a Game

All pitchers must be available to pitch of at least one day in order to appearing as a starting pitcher.

Emergency Start Clause:  In the event that no pitcher, due to injury/suspension/rest or any other instance not listed, is available to start the current game, a pitcher may pitch on 3 days rest with the -7 endurance adjustment.  This must be listed in the scorebook, stat sheet, and the opponent must be notified prior to the game or else it will be considered violation of the 3 days rest rule.

Pitchers Out of Role

SABLE does not allow position players to pitch


Pitchers who give up ten runs in a game must be removed from the game


General Roster Moves

All regular roster moves during the regular season must be made in between weeks. Roster moves made during the off season may be made at any time.


Players who are injured and on the DL or scheduled to be put on the DL may not be involved in any trades

All owners involved in a trade must submit a trade sheet to the trade committee for approval.

All trade sheets are final and all player compensation shall change hands at the time of the trade approval. The trade is not official until the Commissioner updates team rosters.


Trades may only be made during designated periods

Off-Season Trades

Trades may be made following the World Series of the 40 man roster until the Keeper List Rosters are submitted

Keeper List

Once the keeper lists team rosters have been distributed to the entire league teams may once again begin trading prior to the draft

Trading Draft Picks

Owners may trade draft picks in the upcoming draft rounds 1-5.

Teams may not trade picks 1-5 in the following years draft until after the draft.

New Owner Trading

Any owner newly appointed shall be barred from making any trades until 6 weeks of games after the appointment unless he was a former owner of another SABLE team.

Leaving Owner Trading

Any team that has made it known that they will not be returning for the next season will not be available to make any trades for the rest of the current season.

Trade Committee Rules

The trade committee may make a decision on a proposed trade as long as the following takes place:

  • A trade sheet must be filled out completely and submitted to the Trade Committee.
  • The trade committee must have at least 3 members available to rule on the trade
  • A simple majority vote of the participating trade committee will approve a trade
  • A trade committee member may not vote on a trade that involves his/her team.  If so the league treasurer shall take part.
  • Approved trades take effect when the Commissioner changes the team rosters


The League Commissioner may veto any trade he feels to be not in the best interest of the league!


The Trade Committee may over-ride the Commissioner veto by unanimous vote of the Trade Committee and Treasurer.


Player Transactions


Starting with week 4 GM’s will be able to pick players off waivers. Waivers will start on game day as early as possible, with a starting time directed by the Commissioner and lasting as long as he is there.

The following waiver stipulations are to apply:

Ÿ  No waiver pick may be made after 9PM

Ÿ  A GM may only select one player from waivers each week

Ÿ  Players picked are signed to a three year contract

Ÿ  No team can make a waiver pick if it causes the roster to exceed 40

Ÿ  General Managers not in attendance may submit request to the Commissioner in advance.  The Commissioner will make the team’s selection.

Player Releases

Teams may release a player from his contract at any time.  The released player will then be considered available for waivers the following week

Ÿ  Rosters can never drop below the minimum requirement of players during the season

Ÿ  There is no limit to the number of players a team can drop providing the team never drops below the roster minimum and position requirements

Waiver Order

Order of waivers is determined by worst record to best record

Usage Requirements

Every player card must meet the usage requirements to be eligible for full time status in SABLE.  For simplicity all players not classified as ‘fringe’ are eligible for use in SABLE


Batters will be fringe if the following criteria are met:

Ÿ  If the player played in 63 games or less

Ÿ  If the player has 201 at bats or less

Ÿ  Catcher appeared in 59 games and/or 186 at bats or less

Pitchers will be considered “fringe” if they meet the following criteria:

Ÿ  Starter only-started in less than 20 games.

Ÿ  Reliever only-appeared in less than 40 games.

Ÿ  Starter/Reliever-appeared less than 30 games, and they don’t meet the starter requirements

Usage Caps

All SABLE players have unlimited appearances providing they meet usage requirements

Usage Appeals

If there is an error on a player card the manager may submit an eligibility appeal to the commissioner

Pitcher eligible for pinch hitting

Pitchers may be used as a pinch hitter providing they meet the usage requirement for pitchers and also as follows:

Ÿ  60 At Bats or more listed on pitcher card

Pitcher eligible for pinch running

Pitchers may be used as a pinch runner:

Ÿ  All pitchers are eligible to be used as pinch runners provided they have not been used in the current game


SABLE shall hold a Draft on a yearly basis supervised by the Commissioner on the second Saturday in March.  Teams that have less than 30 players on the roster will participate in the draft.

Draft Order

On or before March 1, the Commissioner will provide the official draft order for the league draft to all league members. The order of the SABLE Draft positions shall be determined by team record with the worst winning percentage picking first and the best winning percentage picking last, until the playoff teams are reached. After that, seeding will be determined by how deep into the playoffs a team goes, the World Series winner will pick last

If expansion occurs, the expansion team shall immediately prior to the first playoff team.

Draft Schedule

A team may draft in each round until its roster reaches the 30 player limit.  Once the 30th roster position is filled, that team shall not make any further draft selections and all remaining draft picks shall be forfeited

Stat Sheets & Paperwork

Stat Sheet Requirements

Each league member is required to submit a stat sheet to the Commissioner or Vice-Commissioner within 3 weeks of games played to avoid penalty

The stat sheet must include the following information:

Ÿ  Date & Week

Ÿ  Series Result

Ÿ  Pitcher usage

Ÿ  Catcher Usage

Ÿ  Injuries and suspensions

Ÿ  Bizarre results that carry over to another next series

Note: all game day results must be called in following the completion of the games (651-356-2061)

All stat sheets will be scanned and made available for view on the SABLE blog.

Stat Sheet Penalties

In the event that stat sheets are incomplete or turned in late the following penalties may be assessed:

Ÿ  One win added to the final record of the team in the upcoming draft for each completed game without a stat sheet submittal

Ÿ  Possible player suspensions


Protesting a Game

A manager may protest a game if:

Ÿ  Incorrect on an interpretation of a rule or play

Ÿ  Encounters a situation not covered in the Dynasty or SABLE rulebook

Ÿ  Believe his or her opponent is purposely cheating

Protest Procedures

All Protest Forms must be brought to the Commissioner; if the Commissioner is involved in the protest, the protest will be brought to the Vice Commissioner; if both the Commissioner and a Vice Commissioner are involved in the protest, it will then be handled by the second Vice Commissioner.  If unavailable the Treasurer will handle it.

Ÿ  The manager must protest the game the moment the dispute occurs, before the next die roll

Ÿ  An official Protest Form must be completely filled out, dated, and signed by both parties

Valid Protest

If the protest is determined as being valid, the decision maker will determine the necessary resulting action.

Protesting a Decision

In the event that an owner disagrees with a Commissioner’s decision, such decision may be protested immediately. Such a protest shall be heard by the rules committee, consisting of the Vice-commissioners and the rules committee member.  The Expanded Rules Committee shall determine if the Commissioner has abused his discretion and the decision will only be overturned upon a unanimous vote of the expanded rules committee.

The commissioner decision may be challenged on a going-forward basis, on the next ballot at the draft or all-star game. The Commissioner’s determination will be overturned by a simple league majority vote.  The league rulebook will then be amended with the clear interpretation of the rule.


All rules of MLB and the Dynasty Game will apply, insofar as they do not contradict any specific Rulebook provision

Rule Clarifications

Bunting with a runner on 3rd

When the defensive team has positioning of ‘infield in’ and the offensive manager calls for a bunt the following replacements will be made:

Ÿ  ‘Successful Sacrifice’ result will be replaced by ‘Lead Runner’ result

Ÿ  ‘Lead Runner’ result will be replaced by ‘Successful Sacrifice’


Baserunner Advancement Chart

Ÿ  Dynasty considers the result ‘runners advance one base’ to include the batter

Catcher Rest

Ÿ  Consecutive games caught only includes games in which a player is used in the lineup as a catcher defensively at any time in the game.


Face-to-Face Play (FTF)

All games must be played face-to-face

FTF Decorum

Behave yourself and look presentable


Proper behavior is warranted. Participants in the games should show respect to the opposing owner by concentrating on the game and keeping a continuous flow in the action. Spectators, comparably, should also show respect to the participants. All those present should use language that will not be found directly offensive to others. No yelling.


Failure to abide by the behavior standards may be assessed the following penalty:

Ÿ  Possible manager suspension

Ÿ  Possible player suspensions

Ÿ  Possible Expulsion from the league

Ÿ  Loss of draft picks

General Procedure

Scoring a Game

All games must be scored on a score sheet that is organized in a binder or scorebook.  The score sheet must be a complete record of the entire game.


The procedure before the game starts is the following, in order:

Ÿ  Weather is rolled by home team

Ÿ  Home team announces starting pitcher

Ÿ  Visiting team announces starting pitcher

Ÿ  Home team announces lineup

Ÿ  Visiting team announces lineup

At-bat procedure

The general procedure for batting is outlined below:

Ÿ  Batting team announces batter & situation if available

Ÿ  Pitching team sets defense, bullpen, and indicates it is set

Ÿ  Batting team either announces intent to swing away, bunt, hit & run, steal, or any other play

Ÿ  Pitching team rolls

Base running rolls

When a base runner advances and a roll is required:

Ÿ  Batting team announces who is trying to advance

Ÿ  Defending team announces action to throw or cut off

Ÿ  Defensive team rolls

Substitution Procedure

Official Baseball Rules regarding substitutions are to be followed in play. A player is considered to be announced and in the game when his card is placed atop the line up next to the opposing pitcher card or when written on the announcing managers score sheet.

Approved FTF play rulings

Ÿ  Dice Rollers, Towers, or similar dice randomizing devices, are encouraged but not required for play

Ÿ  It is customary to use the home team’s dice roller

Ÿ  Standard d10 are preferred

Ÿ  Over-sized or mini d10 are permitted if approved by Commissioner

Ÿ  Dice results designated as a ‘leaner’ are to be re-rolled

Misreading the cards

It is critical for games to be played fairly by reading the corresponding dice rolls correctly on the player cards

If a GM is discovered misreading the results the following disciplinary action will be taken:

Ÿ  1st offense                  Warning!

Ÿ  2nd/3rd offense batter       Suspended for game & 2 additional games

Ÿ  2nd/3rd offense pitcher      Suspended for game & 6 additional games

Ÿ  4th offense                  Penalty is assessed at 3x value

Ÿ  8th offense                  Manager faces expulsion

Illegal Player Usage

Players will be considered used illegally in the following instances and receive the corresponding penalty

Suspension Types        Length

Starting Pitcher        5 games

Relief Pitcher          3 games

Batter                  3 games

Starter/Reliever        # games

Pitching without proper rest

If pitchers are used without proper rest the following penalties will occur:

Ÿ  Pitcher receives a suspension

Ÿ  A random player on major league roster is also suspended

Catching without proper rest

A catcher must rest after catching seven consecutive games

A catcher playing without proper rest will be suspended, the following:

Ÿ  Catcher              3 game suspension      

Ÿ  A random player on major league roster is suspended accordingly

Playing an injured or suspended player

If a player is used while injured or suspended, the following corresponding penalty with be given:

Ÿ  Player type is suspended accordingly

Ÿ  A random player on major league roster is suspended


3 Year Contracts

All players in SABLE that are signed, drafted, or picked from waivers will be signed immediately to a 3 year contract

Expiration a contract

Once the contract expires for a player he is released and becomes eligible for the draft

Keeper List

At the end of the season, after all GM’s have received a copy of the Dynasty cards, teams are limited to the number of players to remain under contract.  Any penalty wins added to the team’s record affects Keeper and Draft positions.

        Final Position                  Keeper          Draft

Ÿ  World Series Winner                  6 Players       11th

Ÿ  World Series Loser                   7 Players       10th

Ÿ  Playoff Team with more wins          8 Players       9th

Ÿ  Playoff Team with less wins          9 Players       8th

Ÿ  Non-playoff team with the most wins  10 Players      7th

Ÿ  Non-playoff team with 2nd most wins  11 Players      6th

Ÿ  Non-playoff team with 3rd most wins  12 Players      5th

Ÿ  Non-playoff team with 4th most wins  13 Players      4th

Ÿ  Non-playoff team with 5th most wins  14 Players      3rd

Ÿ  Non-playoff team with 6th most wins  15 Players      2nd

Ÿ  Non-playoff team with 7th most wins  16 Players      1st

Once your keeper list has been turned in teams are permitted to acquire more players before the start of the draft by signing rookies, signing AA players to the major league roster or by trading

Additional Keeper List Extension

A manager is permitted to increase by one the number of players on the keeper list at the following cost:

  • Best 1st Round draft pick and one additional draft pick



Any player who’s rights are not controlled by another team will be considered a rookie if he was a fringe player the previous year or did not have a card the previous year and has a full time card this year for your team. 


AA are players who are currently fringe who have NEVER reached full time player status in SABLE.  Teams may continuously hold the rights to an AA player acquired in the AA draft or by signing AA players from your prospects until a full time card is acquired.  Each AA player signed will hold 1 of 5 AA roster spots on your team.  If the player is ever released before reaching full time status, for any reason, you no longer hold the rights to that player and he becomes eligible for the next AA draft.  Before the draft each season you will need to decide what to do with the player’s rights whether he has a card or not.

When a signed AA player becomes a full time player 2 things can happen.

  1. The player who owns the rights to the AA player decides whether to sign him to a full time roster spot or release him.
  2. If the player is released, before becoming a free agent, if the team listed on the player’s card is a current team in our league, the player becomes a Rookie since his rights are no longer owned by another team.  If that manager decides not to sign the player then the player becomes a free agent and becomes available for the draft.

Rookie contracts will not count toward the keeper list.

Note: Any eligible rookie not signed by a SABLE team will become available for the draft.

Weekly Reporting

Following completion of games the league Commissioner is to be notified of the result of the series and any other important information such as clutch hitting or suspensions.

  • 651-356-2061
  • No games will be official until both players have called in results
  • Call only between the hours of 8AM-9PM



After each off week the Commissioner will distribute a newsletter to all league members. The newsletter will give the current standings, the results from the past weeks, the upcoming schedule, details of any injuries, and team news, such as bonus clutch hitting, trades and waiver transactions.  This can be done by email, internet league posting on Facebook, SABLE’s blog, or by pamphlet.

Game Play Responsibilities

In the event that a team will not be able to play their games for a

given week, they must notify their opponent prior to game day.  If their opponent is unreachable, the Commissioner, or a Vice-Commissioner must be informed.

In the event that a player may be unavailable for an extended period of time, the Commissioner may designate a caretaker to take control of the team on a temporary basis.

Game Play Penalties

If you do not contact your opponent or fail to show up for your scheduled week teams will be penalized as follows:

  • 3 wins will be added to your record towards the draft
  • 1 win will be added to your record for all un-played make-up games


Pitcher Rest

Pitchers rest requirements will be based in accordance to Dynasty Rules

  • Starting Pitchers may not pitch on 3 days rest during the regular season except under emergency situations.
  • If a Starting pitcher pitches more than 9 innings in a game he must rest 5 days


Injuries and Suspensions

Injuries and suspensions will be assessed from the day of the occurrence.

  • Suspensions do not carry into the post season
  • Suspensions carry over to the next season


Disabled List (DL)

When a player gets injured, the team must decide at the end of the current game if the player will go on the disabled list (DL).  This must be listed on the stat sheet.

The DL will consist of:

  • 7 days
  • 15 days
  • 30 days
  • 45 days
  • 60 days


Things to remember:

  • If a team does not elect to place an injured player on the DL, the player will stay on the major league roster for the duration of the injury
  • Teams placing injured players on the DL will be allowed to bring another player up to take his place
  • Teams may place an injured player on the DL at a later date. The player will be considered day-to-day and take the final major league roster spot until that is done so. A replacement player may not be brought up until the player is placed on the DL.
  • Scheduled travel days will be counted toward their recovery, as well as rain/snow outs


Game Times & Weather

Game time will be determined by the Sable Schedule.  Weather for the games will be determined by dice roll according to the SABLE schedule and Dynasty weather chart.


In the event of a Rain Out follow all rest requirements in accordance with Dynasty rules and state rain out result on the stat sheet

  • If the Rain Out occurs prior to the start of the game it will count as a day off for catchers.
  • If a rain out occurs during the game, the day will not count as a day of rest for a catcher.



SABLE does not play doubleheaders


In order for expansion to occur, a majority of the league must vote in favor of expansion.

The expansion GM will then choose his team and park.  That team will now receive Rookies and AA players for that team.

The remaining roster will be decided by the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner and they will build a team of a primary player at each baseball position and one additional pitcher from a pool of all players who are currently not on the roster of any team.  Players’ contracts that are finishing their 3rd year are not eligible to be added to an expansion team.

The expansion team’s draft position will be after all non-playoff teams and before the playoff teams from the previous year.


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