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Rule Clarification: ‘major/minor moves’

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The SABLE rulebook states under General Roster Moves that ‘All regular roster moves during the regular season must be made in between weeks.”

 DYNASTY rules states “Players requiring rest can’t be sent down to the minors. (i.e. you can’t send down a pitcher who pitched the last game of your last series because you know he must rest and won’t pitch in the next three game series).”

So here we go…the Rule is interpreted as follows.  All Roster moves must be made prior to the beginning of a series.  If any moves are made, the minors for the series must be filled out on the stat sheet before the series begins.  Once the the home team announces their pitcher, no further roster moves may be made.  Players requiring rest cannot be sent to the minors. 

Exception:  In the event of an extra innning game a team has less than 2 available relievers, including starter/relievers who are available to pitch in the next game of the series, the team may in that situation only make an emergency roster move to bring up a relief pitcher and send down a batter or 6th starter who is fully rested.  Remember you must have 5 available starting pitchers in your majors at all times.  Your opponent must be informed of the emergency move and it must be recorded on the stat sheet.  That emergency player must stay in the majors for the remainder of the series & the player sent down cannot be brought back up until in between weeks.

If you have any questions consult either the Commish or A Vice Commissioner


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March 30, 2010 at 4:53 pm

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  1. If a player gets injured, in order to bring up a replacement you must put the injured player on the DL. DL moves can happen during a series and also must be written on the stat sheet.


    March 30, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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