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The list for this weeks waivers is here waivers list week 4.

A few things to remember.  Waivers takes place at LAN Games.  If you are unable to get to LAN games but would still like to place a waiver pick, you must email or call the commissioner with your selection.  If your selection is avaialble the pick will be made for you by the commissioner.

Picks are made in reverse league standings order. 

The waiver book will be available as soon as the Commissioner arrives.  Waivers will begin 30 minutes after the arrival of the Commissioner at LAN games, but not before 4PM. 

Players not in attendance at LAN games may use a copy of the player card for that week only.  By the second week, the actual card MUST be in the possession of the manager in order to be used.

Once again, all players on waivers are signed to 3 year deals.  If a player is dropped from a team and picked up in waivers by another, the contract is reset to a three year deal.  If the original owner of the dropped player reacquires the player, the original contract retakes effect.

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April 5, 2010 at 4:07 pm

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