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Oh yeah, well who have ya beat?

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  W L %     W L %     W L %
SD 8 4 0.67   NYY 8 1 0.89   MIN 9 3 0.75
NYM 6 3 0.67   BOS 7 4 0.64   SF 6 3 0.67
STL 3 6 0.33   OAK 6 5 0.55   PHI 1 11 0.08
TB 3 9 0.25   FL 2 10 0.17          
vs. W L %   vs. W L %   vs. W L %
SD 18 28 0.39   NYY 10 20 0.33   MIN 18 28 0.39
NYM 10 20 0.33   BOS 26 21 0.55   SF 15 15 0.5
STL 15 15 0.5   OAK 26 21 0.55   PHI 23 13 0.64
TB 26 21 0.55   FL 26 21 0.55          


With 18%, almost 1/5, of the season complete some teams have jumped out to hot starts.  But the question arises, who is really the best team?  Some may argue the division leaders Yankees  8-1, Minnesota  9-3, San Diego 8-4 are the best teams with Boston 7-4, Oakland 6-5,  NY Mets & San Francisco each 6-3 right behind.

Above are the standings as of the end of week 4.  Below that is each teams strength of schedule, the combined record of each opponent they have already faced.

First lets take a look at the New York Yankees.  Sherwood has been flying high with that 8-1 record.  Its all a show.  Look who he’s beat.  PHI, STL, & SF.  Their combined winning percentage is .333 (10-20).

To his credit, he has beaten up on the teams he is suppossed to.  The Mets have played the same 3 teams and is only 6-3.  So we can conclude that the Yankees are better than the Mets.  The difference? Well its San Francisco, who defeated the Mets twice last week but lost two to the Yankees in week 1.

Remember SF is the only team to defeat the Yankees in a game this year.

Minnesota leads the Triple Crown division with a 9-3 record and San Diego leads the Champions division 8-4.  Their opponents (BOS/OAK/TB/FL) combined are 18-28, a .391 winning percentage.  Boston (7-4) & Oakland (6-5) are both over .500, but Florida (2-10) & Tampa Bay (3-9) stink.

Boston currently sits at 7-4.  Boston has been the most consistent team winning 2 games each of the first three weeks.  They have split 1-1 with Oakland so far in week 3.   Boston has a winning record and  Boston has played MN/TB/SD/OAK.  Their combined record 26-21, a winning percentage of .553

Florida has played the same teams that Boston has.  Their record 2-10.  While Boston has defeated all his opponents this year, Florida has gotten swept 3 times and their only two wins are against Tampa Bay who is 3-9.

Kudos to Boston for taking care of business.

Oakland is sitting at 6-5 & can be 7-5 if he defeats Boston in that unplayed game.  Oakland has been a surprise this year.  Oakland’s opponents have been SD/MN/FL/BOS.  That’s two current divison winners and a tough Boston team.   As of now Minnesota is the only team to have defeated Oakland in a series.  Oakland’s opponents record like Boston’s is 26-21, a .553 percentage.  His only hiccup was the series vs. Minnesota where he got swept. 

Contrast that with Tampa Bay who has played the same teams Oakland has (SD/BOS/FL/MN); they are 3-9 and haven’t won a series yet this year.

San Francisco currently stands at 6-3.  They have played PHI/NYM/NYM.  Combined those three teams are 15-15.  St Louis has played these same three teams and is only 3-6.  And as we stated earlier the New York Yankees 1 loss this year was week 1 vs San Francisco.

The hardest schedule by far this season belongs to Philadelphia.  We blame the 1-11 record on dice.  But is it really the dice?  His opponents this year (STL/SF/NYY/NYM) are combined 23-13.  Ten games over .500!  A winning percentage of .639.  Clearly it is the tougest schedule any team has seen in the first 4 weeks of games.  His only win was against St Louis the only team he faced with a losing record 3-6.  The others are combined 20-7!

So which teams have had the toughest schedules but still puls out winning records?

Surprise! The answer is Boston 7-4 & Oakland 6-5.   They’ve each faced 2 division leaders, 1 cellar dwellar and each other.  Barring injuries, you should expect these two teams to battle it out for the Four-Seam Division.

Watch out New York.  You’ve gotten by with the easiest schedule thus far.  Oakland & Boston are for real and they are tough to beat.  They’ve had the tough stretch of their schedules early and have come out over .500.

So as the title states, who have ya beat?


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April 19, 2010 at 11:53 pm

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