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Last week SABLE had one of its members quit.  Though no reason was given, the writing was on the wall already.

Prior to the season the member had an outburst to the league officials.  After discussing the situation with the league Treasurer the penalties which were stated in the rule book were not issued immeditately pending further behavior.

The behavior continued.  And was let go.  It continued even more and finally the Commissioner enacted those suspensions in full.  The member later quit.

Before the season began the league officials discussed the possibility of members quitting once these penalties were enforced.  It happened just as we thought.

The member has already been replaced.  We still have Pete available as caretaker.  We also have Eric to fill in in case another team is vacated this year.

Another league  formed in Western Massachusetts this week.  That league will play Strat-o-matic baseball.  Looking at the logistics of things, it makes sense that SABLE may possibly lose 3 current  members to this newly created league. 

If this happens during the season, the before mentioned contingency plan goes into effect.  If it happens after the season, the Commissioner already has 2 solid commitments to join next season.  There are also another three possibilities of additional members joining next year too.

Starting this week league discussions will begin regarding expansion of at least 4 teams for next season.  This will not be as simple as the one team expansion this year, so a more in depth expansion draft will have to take place.  The league officials will discuss this with members and make a decision by the trade deadline this year.  This will allow managers to have the correct information when making trades for next year.

Only one complete series currently needs to be made up.  That is due to a member quitting.  Pete is in the process of scheduling Schindler for the make up games.  Oakland also has 1 game to make up vs. Tampa Bay and one vs. Boston.   Other than that, all other games have been played.

Isn’t that a nice improvement from last season? I think so.

In July SABLE will be holding a demo day at LAN games.  Tentatively, I’m thinking it will be on July 10th during our AllStar Game.  As of now, Sherwood of the New York Yankees would manage the AL team (TB quit) & Brian Willard of the defending champion SD Padres will be managing the NL team.

During the SABLE home run derby, the league officials will set up a round robin Home Run tournament for those who signed up at LAN Games.  Also, for those interested the 2009 MLB Playoff teams Angels, Red Sox, Yankees, Twins, Cardinals, Dodgers, Phillies, & Rockies will all be available for demonstration games.  League officials will be on hand to run those games and demonstrate to the people how to play the game.

This demoday will be to generate buzz for the game and possibly add another caretaker or two or allow for even greater expansion next year.  Can you say 18 team league 9 AL & 9 NL teams split in 6 divisions?  I can!


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May 8, 2010 at 10:22 am

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