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Protested game week 2 NY vs STL

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Earlier this season the New York Yankees protested Game #3 week 2 vs St Louis on the grounds of illegal player movement/illegal roster.

The New York Yankees won the protest and the game was replayed.

Fast Forward to week 8.  It was discovered by the Commissioner that the New York Yankees have had an illegal minimum 25 man roster since the beginning of the season.

New York had 25 men in the majors.  New York had 3 true starters, 2 starter/releivers and 4 relief pitchers.  That equals only 9 pitchers.  Which means that the Yankees had an active roster of 16 Batters/position players.

Due to the use of illegal rosters by NY during week 2 of the season, the protest has been over-ruled and the original result of game 3 is once again in effect.  St Louis won the game by the score 4-3.

St Louis record is now 12-9 after week 8.   New York Yankees record is now 13-8.

Written by Dom

May 23, 2010 at 8:26 pm

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