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There’s been many questions regarding rules so moving forward…

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Too many disagreements have taken place throughout the years based on rules created by the league.  SABLE wants to keep it simple and abide by Dynasty rules and just simply play the game.

1.  At the meeting on Saturday league members questioned the availability of players.  After much consideration by the Comissioner, all players in the Dynasty 2012 game are classisfied now as full-time.  THERE ARE NO MORE USAGE RESTRICTIONS OR REQUIREMENTS for any player.  What this means is that everyone who has a card is eligible for the draft.  All Fringe players are now full-time.  All AA players are now full-time.  They will be in the draft.  Needless to say, there will no longer be an AA draft.

Q: But about AA players currently on my team?  Well you have a decision to make.  Either sign them to your roster or release them to the draft.

2.  Contracts.  Three year contracts are done.  Now players will be signed for only one year at a time, with the option to resign 6-8 players on your players to a keeper list every year.  This eliminates all confusion regarding the draft, ability to resign, and the paperwork pertaining to contracts.  Too many instances this offseason were contract years incorrect or unknown and it has been a challenge to keep track of, especially with 5 commissioners over the last 4 seasons.  The league is now a continous ownership keeper league.

3.  Keeper Lists.   From now on, the World Series winner will keep 6 players.  The World Series loser will keep 7.  All other teams will keep 8.

This forces all teams to play hard and try to win at all times.  There is no longer incentive to lose or throw games.

4.  To make it fair for everyone with these changes, all draft picks for this years draft will be returned to their owners.  Since many more players are now available for the draft and all teams were playing  to try to win last season, as demonstrated by the three-way tie for the final playoff spot, this makes it fair for all teams moving forward.

Q: But what about Dom’s three 1st round picks, isn’t this unfair to him?

No.  I am actually on board with this & it was kinda my idea to do it now.  This is what I beleive is in the best interest of the league moving forward.  Rather than making this change beginning next season, I argued that making the change immediately puts every team on an even playing field.  Let it sort itself out this year and by next season everything will be in place to start fresh.

5.  Rookies/Relocation:  Since players will now have cards year after year, rookies will continue to be players who did not have a card from the year before.  This will most likely occur with young phenom players or players who miss a year due to injury/surgery.  Because of this if a manager wishes to relocate to another park for this year, they may do so.


These changes take effect immediately.  There’s more than enough time prior to the draft to make any neccesary adjustments. Any questions can be referred to the commissioner he was the decision maker for these changes.


Written by Dom

February 8, 2012 at 2:35 am

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  1. And this is law???

    Alvin Stinson

    February 10, 2012 at 4:05 pm

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