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MUST READ!! How we’re handling the draft this year.

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First off.  Its official the Draft is Saturday, February 18, 2012 @ 12PM.  This was the original time.  Mike got the ok from Schindler so we have no need to move it.

Next order of business.  There’s a 10th team now.  We want him to be able to choose the players he wishes on his team rather than build a generic team for him.  We’ve learned from the past that generic teams  only lead to the player not feeling that the team belongs to him and he ends up quitting after a few weeks.

So here’s the compromise the league has come up with.  The new guy will first choose what team to be prior to the draft and we’ll place him in a division.

He will go into the draft with zero players.  He will begin drafting in round 1.  The other teams will begin drafting in the round as soon as they have the same amount of players on their roster.

Example.  New Team has zero players.  Team 1 has 5 players.  Team 2 has 8 players.

So the new team will draft up until he has 5 players.  After that round, Team 1 will join in and they will both be choosing a 6th, 7th, and 8th player.  After that then team 3 joins in and teams 1,2,&3 all continue drafting from round 9 to round 30.

Now each team has an option.  They can do 1 of 3 things.

  1. Throw all their players into the draft and begin drafting in the 1st round with zero players.
  2. Keep all players currently on your team (protected list/rookies).  Begin drafting when others teams have the same amount of players on their roster as you.
  3. Drop players from your protected and rookie list into the draft.  Begin with 1-x number of players.  Begin drafting when other teams have the same amount of players as you.

The league feels this gives the managers the final decision on who to keep and not the league dictating to teams what they are forced to do.  Its your decesion to make.


You must contact the commissioner by Thursday, February 16th with your decision.  Also contact Dom so he can update the rosters.  If you do not contact the commissioner your roster will be set as of the February meeting.  Dom will post the revised protected rosters on Friday.

Happy Drafting.  We look forward to another fun year.

Draft: Saturday, February 18, 12PM

Location: Zeda’s


Written by Dom

February 12, 2012 at 9:58 pm

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