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Updated Divisions, Playoffs for 10 teams

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There are 10 teams in the 2012 SABLE Baseball Season

  1. Tampa Bay Rays – Mike K
  2. New York Yankees – Sherwood M
  3. Oakland A’s – Mark G
  4. Seattle Mariners – Brian W
  5. Boston Red Sox- Ken A
  1. Washington Nationals– Dom C
  2. Florida Marlins – Lynn H
  3. St. Louis Cardinals – Alvin S
  4. Atlanta Braves – Mike S
  5. San Diego Padres – Mike M

The teams will be in two divisions with five teams in each.

American League Division

Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

Boston Red Sox

National League Division

Washington Nationals

Florida Marlins

St Louis Cardinals

Atlanta Braves

San Diego Padres


Each team will play two 3 game series with each team.  There will be 18 weeks of regular season games.

30 inter-divisional games & 24 divisional games.   The total games played for each team is 54.


Six teams will make the playoffs, three from each League.  Division Winners will be #1 seeds.  #2 & #3 seeds will be determined by record.

Round 1:              AL#1 & NL#1                                      Have 1st Round BYE

AL#3 @ AL #2                                     3 GAME SERIES  ALL Games played at AL#3’s Park

NL#3 @ NL #2                                     3 GAME SERIES  ALL Games played at NL#3’s Park

Round 2:              AL #2/#3 @ AL #1                              Best of 5 Series   2-2-1 Format

NL #2/#3 @ NL #1                             Best of 5 Series 2-2-1 Format

Round 3:              AL Winner vs NL Winner               Best of 7 World Series

2-3-2 Format. Home Field determined by All-Star Game

#1 PICK:                AL #5 vs NL #5                                    1 GAME @ All-Star Game Winning League Park

Winner of game gets #1 PICK in DRAFT

Draft Order:

#1   Pick: Winner of #1 Pick Game

#2   Pick: Worst Record in League (#9)

#3   Pick: 2nd Worst record in league (#8)

#4   Pick: 3rd worst record in league( #7 )

#5   Pick: Loser of Round 1 w/worst record

#6   Pick: Loser of Round 1 w/better record

#7   Pick: Loser of Round 2 w/worst record

#8   Pick: Loser of Round 2 w/better record

#9   Pick: Loser of World Series

#10 Pick: Winner of World Series


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