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San Diego Padres (1-5)

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This is part one of my series about teams which started off slow.

The San Diego Padres have easily the best starting pitching in this league.  Unfortunately the bats haven’t come alive yet and run support has been minimal.  After examining the players on the team, I have come up with a few suggestions that may just turn this team around.

This is my suggested 25 man roster for the SD Padres.

Pitchers Batters
1. Verlander – SP 11. Ellis 21. Markakis
2. Haren – SP 12. Wieters 22. Hamilton
3. Halladay -SP 13. Konerko 23. Heyward
4. Hamels – SP 14. Pena 24. Hunter
5. Santana – SP 15. Ackley 25. Maybin
6. Villanueva – RP 16. Sutton
7. Downs – RP 17. Escobar
8. Balfour – RP 18. Rodriguez
9. Perez – RP 19. Wright
10. Papelbon -RP 20. Gentry

Now using that 25 man roster, lets see what we can do with the starting 9.

current suggested Pro Con
c Wieters c Ellis +131 #s vs RH go from -1 arm to 0
1b Pena 1b Pena
2b Ackley 2b Ackley
ss Escobar ss Sutton +103 #s vs RH/110 2b Range B+ to D/5
3b Rodriguez 3b Rodriguez
lf Hamilton lf Hamilton
cf Maybin cf Gentry +56 #s vs RH Drop from A to B+
rf Hunter rf Markakis +36 #s vs RH B/100/-2 Drop from A to B
dh Konerko dh Konerko

There we have 4 changes that adds 326#s of total offense vs RHP while having minimal drop in range in the outfield it still remains solid.  Yes there is the major drop in range and error at shortstop but the increase of over 100#s (and a card with 110 doubles!) allows the opportunity to score early runs then bring in a defensive replacement in Escobar (B+) and even the flexibility of Sutton remaining in the game at 3rd B/50 (his #s are better than A-Rod & Wright).

The bench would have 3 A Range outfielders with 0 arm or better, a few bats to pinch hit vs LHP, 2 base stealers, 4 pinch runners with baserunning 7 or better, and a -1 catcher.

Lets take a look at a possible starting lineup.

2b Ackley
cf Gentry
ss Sutton
dh Konerko
1b Pena
c Ellis
rf Markakis
3b Rodriguez
lf Hamilton

We’ve got two fast 190+ batters hitting in front of sutton and if they both get on there’s a good chance San Diego will be scoring at least 2 runs in the first inning.  4-5 are the  A Power bats; under two outs they’re both good for a sac fly too.  Ellis #6 has over 200# and 7-9 are all in the 170s and 2 with baserunning 7.

I would suggest San Diego use this lineup for a few weeks and see if things turn around. This team should have no problem scoring 3-5 runs a game which is all that pitching staff should require.  Unfortunately he’s got (5-1) St Louis this week, but after that its Seattle (1-5) & Oakland (0-6).  And with the way the NL has been beating up on the AL this year SD may be able to go 6-3 in this stretch.


Written by Dom

March 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

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