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New York Yankees (1-5)

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This is part three of my series about teams which started off slow.

The New York Yankees went into the draft protecting the most players and sat out for 18 rounds while big bats and clutch hitters were taken.  The pitching staff is strong with a lights out bullpen, but the offense lacks clutch hitting in a year where there is an overabundance of jam pitching.

Here’s what I would do to turn around the Yankees.

First my suggested 25 man roster for the Yankees.

Pitchers Batters
1.Kennedy 12.Hairston,S 23.Teixeira
2.Strasburg 13.Mitchell 24.Ruiz
3.Nova 14.Montero 25.Castro
4.Maholm 15.Jeter
5.Colon 16.Tabata
6.Alburqueque 17.Gardner
7. Axford 18.Granderson
8.Venters 19.Fowler
9.Uehara 20.Hosmer
10.Hanrahan 21.Hairston
11.Wade 22.Infante

Now using that 25 man roster, lets see what we can do with the starting 9.

current suggested Pro Con
c Ruiz c Ruiz
1b Hosmer 1b Teixeira A Range & A Power 31 less numbers
2b Infante 2b Infante
ss Jeter ss Castro Better def B & Power C more double plays
3b Hairston,J 3b Hairston,J
lf Fowler lf Gardner  A Range
cf Gardner cf Fowler  B+ allows A in lf  +1 arm
rf Granderson rf Granderson
dh Hairston,S dh  Hosmer  allows A @ 1b  54 less HR


Lets take a look at a possible starting lineup.

lf Gardner
rf Granderson
cf Fowler
dh Hosmer
3b Hairston,J
2b Infante
1b Teixeira
c Ruiz
ss Castro

This lineup has the capability of driving in runs while also fielding the ball and not giving the other team extra outs.
The bench is filled with a back 3b Range B for defense along with pinch hitters for any situation including needed the longball.

Possible trades:

Jose Tabata to Seattle for Ben Revere

Teixeira & Castro to Oakland for Martinez & Perralta

Written by Dom

March 15, 2012 at 10:46 pm

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