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Oakland A’s (0-6)

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This is part two of my series about teams which started off slow.

This is my suggested 25 man roster for the Oakland A’s.

Pitchers Batters
1. Fister – SP 11. Abreu 21. Cabrera, M
2. McCarthy – SP 12. Werth 22. Ross, C
3. Cueto -SP 13. Reddick 23. Lowrie
4. Collmenter – SP 14. Youkilis 24. Roberts
5. Bumgarner – SP 15. Peralta 25. Weeks
6. Luebke – RP 16. Phillips
7. Bard- RP 17. Martinez
8. Aceves – RP 18. Ianetta
9. Farnsworth- RP 19. Willingham
10. Oliver -RP 20. Suzuji, K

Now using that 25 man roster, lets see what we can do with the starting 9.

current suggested Pro Con
c c Ianetta
1b 1b Martinez
2b 2b Phillips
ss ss Peralta
3b 3b Youkilis
lf lf Abreu
cf cf Werth
rf rf Redick
dh dh Willinghsm

Lets take a look at a possible starting lineup.

3b Youkilis
rf Reddick
lf Abreu
1b Martinez
dh Willingham
ss Peralta
2b Phillips
c Ianetta
cf Werth

Defense on this team is average having 5 players of the suggested starting 8 positions (62%) either C or C+ (lf, 3b, ss, c, 1b).  This team needs to score runs early and bring in the defensive relacements so they don’t give the opposing team extra at-bats.  I think  this line-up could do just that.  This team is the TAZ of doubles.

Youkilis has the 3rd most #s vs RH (170) so we’ll lead him off.  We don’t need stolen bases in this situation, just someone who can get on base and have 6 or better baserunning. Batting 2nd is Josh Reddick.  He was originally going to be the #9 hitter until I noticed 0 Hard Ground Out numbers.  Oh those 36 doubles don’t hurt either.  Batting 3rd Abreu. 187#s, 30doubles. Clean-up and baseclearer is Victor Martinez 208#s and 43 doubles. (Noticing the trend yet?) Hitting 5th A Power Willingham 26HR/28doubles. Peralta 6th 182#s, Philips 7th 27doubles, Ianetta, and 9th Werth 157#s with some speed to get on base ahead of the top of the lineup and all those extra base hits.

Suggested Trades

Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta to New York for Starlin Castro, Mark Teixeira, & Dexter Fowler – Improves range defense at 1st, ss, lf

Victor Martinez & Doug Fister to Washington for Joe Mauer, Nyjer Morgan, & Jon Lester/Jeff Niemann.  – Mauer and Morgan are both 190+ vs RH and would easily start at 1st base and cf/lf.  Morgan provides a true leadoff hitter and Mauer has a strong bat, B defense at 1st, can still catch, and also has 36 doubles.


Written by Dom

March 15, 2012 at 1:22 pm

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