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Seattle Mariners (1-5)

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This is part four of my series about teams which started off slow.

The  Seattle Mariners kept 4 players.  Then one was taken away.  Then another was kept in its place.  Then he drafted, and ended up with 31 players and dropped 1 after the draft.  This team was hit with poor luck since the start.  Lets see how we can turn this sinking ship around.

Here’s what I would do to turn around the Mariners.

First my suggested 25 man roster for the Mariners.

Pitchers Batters
1. Weaver 12. Avila 23. Cruz
2. Shields 13. Murphy 24. Hannigan
3. Zimmerman 14. Kinsler 25. Revere
4. Latos 15. Andrus
5. Stauffer 16. Headley
6. Cruz 17. Helton
7. LeCure 18. Parra
8. Clippard 19. Stanton
9. O’Flaherty 20. Gonzalez
10. Cordero 21. Santiago
11. League 22. LaHair

Now using that 25 man roster, lets see what we can do with the starting 9.

current suggested Pro Con
c c Avila
1b 1b Murphy
2b 2b Kinsler
ss ss Andrus
3b 3b Headley
lf lf Parra
cf cf Gonzalez
rf rf Stanton
dh dh  Helton


Lets take a look at a possible starting lineup.

 ss  Andrus
 2b  Kinsler
 dh  Helton
 cf  Gonzalez
 c  Avila
 3b  Headley
 rf  Stanton
 1b  Muphy
 lf  Parra

Possible trades:

trade for new dice

trade with San Diego for Alex Rodriguez

trade with St Louis for Placido Polanco

trade Brandon League to Florida for Jack Hannahan


Written by Dom

March 16, 2012 at 5:48 pm

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