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Tampa Bay Rays (5-7) 2nd Place AL

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Mike Kennedy asked that I do what I did for San Diego, Oakland, Seattle, & New York since it helped turn those teams around.  So here we go.

Tampa Bay is the only team in the league that plays on turf.  The infield is solid with A Range at 1st, ss, 3rd.  The Outfield however is a totally different story.  B in lf & rf & B+ in cf.   Keep in mind that on turf basically its a -1 to Range Rating compared to grass in the infield.  In the outfield, all the outs are the same as grass, but if you blow a range play on grass you may only give up singles.  On turf however everything is twice as bad, cutting off the ball is practically nonexistant and if you miss a range play the ball is rolling to the wall at full speed.  Its will be a double or triple and runners will be scoring, and in the rare instance of dropping in for a single its a stretch 2b?

This is my suggested 25 man roster for the Tampa Bay Rays.

First my suggested 25 man roster for the Mariners.

Pitchers Batters
1. Kuroda 12. Lawrie 23. Pence
2. Hellickson 13. Braun 24. Gonzalez
3. Humber 14. Cora 25. Fielder
4. Johnson 15. Young
5. Moscosco 16. Snyder
6. Bastardo 17. Bonifacio
7. Jansen 18. Hart
8. Santos 19. Blanco
9. Storen 20. Ryan
10. Pestano 21. McCutchen
11. Adams 22. Dinkleman

Now using that 25 man roster, lets see what we can do with the starting 9.

current suggested Pro Con
c Blanco c Blanco
1b Gonazlez 1b Gonzalez
2b Dinkleman 2b Dinkleman
ss Ryan ss Ryan
3b Lawrie 3b Lawrie
lf Braun lf Braun
cf McCutchen cf McCutchen
rf Pence rf Pence
dh Fielder dh Fielder

Maybe a shakeup of the order then…

 lf Braun
 2b  Dinkleman
 rf  Pence
1b  Gonzalez
 dh  Fielder
3b  Lawrie
c  Blanco
ss  Ryan
cf  McCutchen

So Mike’s playing who he should where he should.  The only other way to improve the team is by trading.  Lets see what we can do to improve this team with other teams rosters.  He’ll have to sacrifice a little bat for improved defense.

Possible trades:

Ryan Braun & Jeremy Hellickson to New York for Brett Gardner & Ian Kennedy.  Reason: improves defense from B to A in lf (thats HUGE on turf  48& – 72% (+24#s).

Huroki Kuroda to Washington for Nyjer Morgan. Reason A Range lf with speed for a pitcher he hasn’t used.

Hunter Pence & Cory Hart/Chris Young to San Diego for Torii Hunter & Jason Heyward.  Reason: TB improves defense in rf from B (48%) to A (72%)

Brian Dinkleman to Oakland for Brandon Phillips. Reason: TB improves defense at 2b B 48% to A 72%.

I beleive if Tampa Bay makes these trades he will see immediate improvement in his defense.  25% more success on range plays which leads to more outs and not extending innings and giving away extra outs (which is the reason for his losses).  This also will keep the manager in good spirits and not be demoralized which in turn leads to a better attitude and less managerial mistakes.

The easiest way to win a series in this league is using the emotions of your opponent against them.  Mike, Alvin, Dom, Ken, & Sherwood can all be beaten if they are not 100% focused on managing their team.  Getting a beat down causes them to leave pitchers in to die, which causes them to give up even more runs and putting the game out of reach, rather than bringing in a releiver to stop the bleeding and give the team a chance to make a comeback.   A mistake while managing a pitching staff can prove costly for the current series and the next since you’ll be facing suspensions.  Tampa Bay lost 2 relievers to suspensions vs Boston this week because of blown range plays, which extended innings the week before vs Florida, losing focus Mike made a mistake using a short 4.2 innings.

So please, please make these trades.  Not only will it improve your team’s defense, it will improve your personal chemistry (attitude) which in turn keeps everybody else happy.  Good Times for all!

Or don’t make the trades and buy pizzas and soda for everyone. That improves morale too!


Written by Dom

March 26, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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