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How to fix your team. Where are they now?

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After 2 weeks of games Oakland, New York, Seattle, & San Diego all started off bad.  I made suggestions to their teams on the site and most were followed.  Lets take a look at how the teams have performed since.

San Diego Padres (1-5)

San Diego didn’t officially make changes until after week 5.  But since his 1-5 (.167) start San Diego has gone 6-9 (.400) to bring his record up to 7-14.

Oakland A’s (0-6)

Oakland made 1 trade in week 3.  Shuffled his 25 man roster around and since week 3 is 8-9 (.470).  Oakland is now 8-15 and has swept St Louis & won 2 of 3 vs Washington.

New York Yankees (1-5)

New York made trades in week 2 & 5 acquiring Brett Gardner and A-Rod.  Since week 3 New York is 6-9 (.400).  Improving to 7-14.

Seattle Mariners (1-5)

Seattle really didn’t follow any of my suggestions, but suggestions were made so we’ll count it anyways.  Seattle made trades in weeks 3 & 5.  Since the 1-5 start, Seattle is now 12-9, going 11-4 (.733) over that stretch.

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Written by Dom

April 15, 2012 at 9:43 am

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