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NY vs TB week 7 game #3

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Lynn says if the stat sheet is incorrect/incomplete hen stats won’t count.  This I would believe would also affect sherwood’s Clutch Hitting since the stat sheet would be invalid.

Game #3
Tampa Bay 7 11 0
New York 6 11 1
Win Gavin Floyd
Loss John Axford
Save Drew Storen
Away Pitchers IP R K
Gavin Floyd 5 1/3 4 2
Sergio Santos 1 2/3 2 2
Drew Storen 2 0 2
Home Pitchers IP R K
Steph. Strasburg 7 3 3
John Axford 1 1/3 2 3
Joel Hanrahan

Let me know the correct stats for each player. The information given before on Hanrahan would not match the final score so Axford must therefore be inaccurate too.
Get it to me by friday so I can update the sheet prior to giving it to lynn on saturday.


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April 18, 2012 at 9:20 am

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