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Protest to the Trade

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Sherwood refused to sign the trade sheet week 11.  Lynn filed paperwork and protested that since Sherwood agreed to the trade and told her to write up the paperwork for him to sign the trade should be sent to league vote for approval.

Dave Sowerbutts, the league decider, was contacted by email.  He decided that since Sherwood had told lynn to write up the trade, and since he also posted to facebook “Yankees has an ofter for Jam/On Joel Hanrahan 79/109 for  outfield Alex Gordon -3 arm to help in line up and in outfield. just need enough votes to aproved on the trade” is proof that sherwood agreed to the trade, and therefore the trade should go to league vote.

The league voted on the trade and passed 7-1.  The players were swapped game #2 of the NY/ATL series.  New York was also permitted, after game 2, to make a move to bring up a reliever in case his 25 man roster fell below 10 pitchers.


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May 19, 2012 at 6:42 pm

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