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SABLE has reached the trade/waiver deadline.  After this week there’s one day off then its the rush for the league pennant.  18 games with no off days, rosters expanded to 40 players.  Who will be the heroes of September?

Seattle has taken over 1st place of the American League division. 10-5 in his last 15 games with series victories over playoff contenders Boston, St Louis, Florida.  This week Seattle faces Oakland for the 2nd time in 3 weeks where they took 2 of 3 the 1st time.  There’s no easy road to hold onto the top spot in the AL.  Seattle faces Oakland, who has taken 4 of 6 from Washington, Florida, Atlanta, New York. Followed by Tampa, Washington, & San Diego to finish the year.

Boston has fallen to 2nd place in the AL. 7-8 in his last 15, series losses to Seattle, Washington, St Louis and victories to San Diego & New York.  This week Boston faces St Louis who has been caught in a tiny free fall themself no tied with Atlanta for the final playoff spot in the NL.  Next Opponents San Diego, Oakland, Florida, Atlanta, New York, Tampa.  Expect Boston to bounce back vs San Diego & Oakland.  Florida and Atlanta should be at least 3 wins. Followed by the important matchup of New York & Tampa each who are in contention for the AL playoff spot. If Boston loses to both New York & Tampa it will be the surprise of the year and Boston will miss the playoffs.

Tampa Bay 8-7 last 15.  18-15 overall.  A typical Mike Kennedy managed team.  Win one week lose the next. Today they face a streaking Atlanta Braves team.  Their schedule down the stretch New York (battle for 3rd playoff spot), San Diego, Washington, Seattle, St Louis, Boston.  There’s no easy track to the playoffs for Tampa Bay.  He must take care of business vs AL opponents to have a shot of holding on to the #3 spot.

New York 14-19 overall, 8-7 last 15.  New York hasn’t been thought of as being in contention this season.  But keep in mind he’s only 4 games behind Tampa Bay and his Ace Stephen Strasburg missed 15 games (4 starts) earlier in the season.  Had he not been hurt New York could be at 16 or 17 wins.  If he misses the playoffs thats why.  The road ahead for New York: San Diego, Tampa Bay (huge series!), Washington, Seattle, St Louis, Boston, Oakland.  That’s a tough, tough, schedule.  If New York survives…they deserve and have earned a playoff spot.

Oakland. 12-21.  Faces Seattle, St Louis, Boston, San Diego, Florida, Atlanta, New York.  Can they play the spoiler role?  Expect this team in the #1 pick game.

Florida 22-11 1st place NL.  Lynn has only lost 3 series all year. Week 1, Week 5 & Week 7.  St Louis, Boston, Seattle.  Faces Washington today then Seattle, St Louis, Boston, Oakland, San Diego, Atlanta.  Florida has a tough 12 games stretch folowed by 9 cupcakes.  play .500 ball and stay healthy for the playoffs and you’re in.

Washington 20-13.  9-6 last 15. Wins vs Boston, Seattle, Atlanta. Loses to Florida & Oakland.  Faces Florida this week then Atlanta, New York, Tampa Bay, San Diego, Seattle, St Louis.  Washington must defeat the NL teams to stay alive.  There’s no breathing room with St Louis & Atlanta both 5 games behind with only 2 spots available.

St Louis.


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May 26, 2012 at 12:00 pm

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