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Tampa Bay pitching mystery…new evidence

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I have been informed by Lynn that there was a rain out in the series between games 2 and 3 vs Lynn so Mike Kennedy is correct.  Santos did not pitch 4 days in a row.

TB Kuroda Hiroki 25 6 RAIN 6
TB Marcum Shaun 25 RAIN
TB Hellickson Jeremy 25 9 RAIN 9
TB Johnson Josh 25 8 RAIN 1 1/3
TB Humber Philip 25/Long RAIN 3 2/3 3
TB Floyd Gavin 25/Long 9 RAIN 5
TB Jansen Kenley Short RAIN
TB Bastardo Antonio Short RAIN
TB Santos Sergio Short 2 1 2/3 RAIN 2 1  2/3
TB Pestano Vinnie Short RAIN 1
TB Storen Drew Short 1 1 1 RAIN  1/3
TB Adams Mike Short 1 1/3 RAIN 2
TB Holland Derek 25 5 RAIN

Unfortunatley for Mike though.  Santos pitched 2 innings game 3 vs Lynn (making his maximum appearances in 3 consecutives games 2), then after checking Schindler’s scorebook and indeed it has been determined that Santos did in fact pitch game #1.  Santos clearly was written as warming up 2x and also written in as pitching.  So the appearance is validated.  Then he was used once again in game #2 (the third day in a row), which is a penalty.

The penalty is only 3 game suspension for Santos and one random player suspended per SABLE rules.


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May 29, 2012 at 11:11 pm

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