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Tie Breaker – Head to Head records in the AL

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Since all three AL teams have already clinched a playoff spot no tie breaker games will be played.  Remember tie breaker games are only for if it eliminates a team from playoff contention.

Team vs Bos vs Seattle vs Tampa Bay vs New York vs Oakland vs Bos vs Seattle vs Tampa Bay vs New York vs Oakland vs AL
Boston 2-1 3-0 2-1 3-0 1-2 wk 18 wk 17 3-0 14-4
Seattle 1-2 1-2 3-0 2-1 2-1 2-1 3-0 2-1 16-8
Tampa Bay 0-3 2-1 2-1 3-0 wk 18 1-2 2-1 3-0 13-8
Bos vs Sea 3-3
Sea vs TB 3-3
Bos vs TB 3-0

Remaining Games

Boston 32 wins: 3 vs NY, 3 vs Tampa Bay

Seattle 29 wins: 3 vs Washington, 3 vs San Diego

Tampa 27 wins: 3 vs St Louis, 3 vs Boston.

If Boston wins at least 3 of his 6 remaining games he guarantees himself the #1 spot in the AL.  He would improve his record vs AL teams to 17+ wins which would win any AL tie breaker scenario.

If Boston only wins 2 remaining games & Seattle goes 5-1. The teams would be tied for the #1 spot. The head to head & divisional records would be the same. ACK! Please don’t happen.  Next MLB tie breaker is a pain in the butt.

Screw it.  Just play the games.  Boston win 4 and clinch outright. LOL

Good Luck to all teams involved.


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June 24, 2012 at 9:12 am

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