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New Format, New Teams, New Divisions

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SABLE 2012 set is mixing it up a little bit. We’re going to 18 teams in two leagues. There will be an AL pool with 9 AL teams and a NL pool with 9 NL teams.
Alvin – Anaheim; St Louis
Dom – Baltimore; Washington
Kenny – Boston; Chicago
Lynn – Houston; Miami
Mark – Oakland; Philadelphia
Mike K – Chicago; Cincinnati
Mike M – Texas; San Diego
Mike S – Seattle; Atlanta
Sherwood – New York; Arizona

The AMERICAN LEAGUE Divisions are:
#1 Oakland, Baltimore, Texas
#2 Seattle, Anaheim, New York
#3 Chicago, Boston, Houston

The NATIONAL LEAGUE Divisions are:
#1 Arizona, St Louis, San Diego
#2 Chicago, Miami, Cincinatti
#3 Washington, Atlanta, Philadelphia

Building you team:
Each team both AL & NL will submit a 6 man protected list AND any rookies the team wishes to sign. It is the responsibility of the manager to determine rookie status. Remember rookie status means that a player did not have a card the previous Dynasty season and has a card in the current season. Any player not submitted on a keeper list will be entered into the draft. Both League Keeper Lists must be submitted at the same time.

There will be two drafts, 1 AL draft and 1 NL draft. In 2013, the 2012 season set, the AL draft will be first. Folowing the draft will be the AL season. WHen the AL season & playoffs is complete the NL draft will be occur. The NL will then play its season. The order of season will switch each year. So next year the NL draft will occur first and the AL draft second.

Each team will play 2 series vs each opponent outside their division and 3 series within the division. There will be no interleague games. The AL will use the DH the NL will not and pitchers must bat.
Divisional series will be 4 game series. Series outside of your division will be 3 game series. You will play a total of 60 games.

The three division winners in each league will make the playoffs ranked #1, #2, #3. The two teams with the next best record will be Wild Cards ranked #4 & #5.
The first round of the playoffs will be a Best of 3 series- #5 @ #4 with all 3 games played at #4. Round 2 will be best of 5. 2-2-1 format Wild Card winner @ #1, #3 @ #2. The two 2nd round winners will play a best of 7 LCS 2-3-2 with the series opening at the park of the Highest remaining seed. The winner of the LCS will advance to the World Series and also be the manager for their league in the Dan Flynn Memorial All Star Game.

If both LCS have not been played, SABLE will hold its other League Draft and will play out the season.
If both LCS have been played, the two LCS winners will manage their league’s All STar Team.

ALL Star Game:
The All Star Game will take place after the completion of the 2nd LCS and must be played prior to the World Series since it determines home field advantage. The two World Series representatives will manage the All Star Game. The players will be chosen by voting after each regular season series. The players with the most votes by position will make the team as starters. The All Star managers will complete the remaining roster.

SABLE World Series:
Following the completion of the All Star Game the Sable World Series will begin. The format will be 2-3-2 with home field advantage belonging to the team that represents the league that won the Dan Flynn Memorial All Star Game. The Winner of the World Series will be declared League Champion.

Draft Order:
Draft order will be determined by record in the previous league with the non-playoff teams picking 1st-4th, the WC loser #5, the 2nd Round Loser wih worst record #6, the 2nd Round loser with the better record #7, the LCS loser #8, and LCS winner #9.



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