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RegardingTampa Bay Rays Transaction Violations – Dynasty follow up

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I spoke with Mike Cieslynski on facebook’s Dynasty Baseball Group Page.  Here is the transcript of the conversation:

Dominic Carden: does the rule about not being able to send players who require rest to the minors apply only to starters or to relievers as well? Example short releiver pitches 4IP in game 3, must rest 2 days.  Can he be sent down after the series even though he requires 2 days rest?  I got someone in my board game league protesting the ruling that because its only 2 days the rule doesn’t apply.
Mike Cieslinski: Yes, but the player has to stay in the minors for 10 days.
Dominic Carden: ‎Mike Cieslinski is that 10 days in minors for resting players only or all major/minor transactions
Mike Cieslinski: It is all explained in the roster rules at the site.  Rest doesn’t enter into the rules in terms of roster transactions.
OK.  It took me a while to find those roster rules.  I signed up for a free trial at using a dummy email account and after some searching I found the link to the roster rules at the site.  I have printed and scanned that page and posted it to this site.  Click the picture of the page below.

So reading it, it gives the rules for Dynasty baseball online 54 game leagues.  Now our league follows most but not all of the dynasty roster rules since we allow all players to be full time and we have multiple DL choices instead of only 15 days.  So the rules regarding Roster Requirements, Percentage Use, Use vs LH/RH, and Spot Starters, don’t neccesarily need to be followed at this time.  Rules that we do follow in SABLE2012 are Rosters set to 25 players and 40 man rosters in september (ours is in august because of short season).

I don’t neccessarily find it strange that these rules contradict the rules regarding major/minor moves in the updated DYNASTY Rulebook 2012 which our league rules are based. But if these are what dynasty now basis its decisions, my opinion is that, we should implement them ourselves moving forward.

I don’t see why we couldn’t implement the “any time during the season, any player may be moved to the minors must stay there for 10 days before they are eligible to return to your active roster unless they are replacing a player on the DL.”  Lynn and I are already tracking roster moves on a weekly basis.  So it wouldn’t be too hard to keep track of a player for multiple weeks.  Heck I have tracked pitcher rest for 5 weeks already.  I could simply keep track of minor league players require 10 days in the minors too. And bringing a player up too early would result in suspension.

So to sum it up.  If the league adopts these new roster rules and players must stay in minors for at least 3 weeks (since we preset our rosters before series) we  would then allow pitchers that require rest to be sent to the minors.  And since they would need to stay in the minors for 3 weeks, starters would essentially miss 2 starts which is a like a penalty, and relivers only requiring 2-3 days rest would require 10, so teams in my opinion would not abuse the system.

I submit that starting Week 6 ALL TEAMS SUBMIT a 25 man roster.  Then any player sent down must remain in the minors for 3 weeks.

If this rule is implemented then  I also submit for review that Tampa Bay incur no penalty for illegal roster move (on a technicality) and RP Jansen is required to spend at least 2 more weeks in the minors before he can be brought up.  If this occurs I will also withdraw the protest of the series vs Tampa Bay.


Written by Dom

April 6, 2012 at 9:48 pm