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Tie Breakers

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There will be two days off following the end of the season.  If there are tie breaker games to be played, those games will take place during those two days.  If there is only the need for 1 tie breaker game, that game will take place on day #1 allowing the winning team to have a day of rest on day #2.  If two tie breaker games are needed, the first will take place on day 1 and the second will take place on day 2.  If a team needs to play two tie breaker games, that team WILL NOT receive any additional days of rest prior to the start of the playoffs.

If at the end of the season a tiebreaker game is needed to determine which team will represent each league in the #1 Pick Game that game will be played on Day 1.  The WINNER of that game will advance and represent their league in the #1 Pick Game on day #2.


Written by Dom

June 14, 2012 at 3:16 pm